Learn More About Polysubstance Abuse

Polysubstance abuse is when a person uses three or more different classes of substances without favoring one in particular, and within a 12-month period. This usually happens over a short period, and is done with the objective of enhancing the effect of a single high in order to create a more intense high. In some cases, a person may do it to counteract the effects of a previously-taken drug.

When it comes to polysubstance abuse, some groups of users do it in combination, like mixing cocaine and heroin to up the effects. In most cases, one substance works as the primary substance, and the additional drugs are used to compensate for the side effects of that substance. This makes the high more enjoyable for them.


Treating individuals with polysubstance addiction is difficult and complicated. Some individuals who are experiencing polysubstance addiction don’t even realize that they have issues with polysubstance abuse in the first place. In general, those who abuse multiple drugs would meet the criteria when they meet the criteria for dependence on the substances as a whole.

While polysubstance abuse is a complicated matter, it is very much treatable. Each issue is addressed and treated as part of the recovery program. Psychological evaluation may be done to assess the person, and they may be admitted into a treatment center.


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