Orange County Drug Rehab Center: 3 Warning Signs of Cocaine Abuse


Cocaine is a highly addictive illegal drug derived from the leaves of the coca plant. The worst part is that all it takes is to try the drug once to send someone into a pattern of cocaine abuse. Unfortunately, cocaine distribution is rampant, as evidenced by the 14 tons of cocaine seized by law enforcement, as reported on KTLA 5.

Cocaine abuse comes with more than a handful of warning signs that can easily be detected, especially if you know what to look for. This is important, as the success of drug rehab in Orange County is influenced by how early someone who abuses cocaine gets help. After all, the sooner the drug is out of a person’s life, the better.


Los Angeles Drug Rehab Center: Could You Have a Painkiller Addiction?


When your back aches after sitting in front of your desk all day, taking a painkiller can help relieve your discomfort. Once the pain subsides, there is no need for you to take another pill—and that’s the way it should be. Unfortunately, that scenario isn’t always the case.

According to experts, roughly 5.1 million Americans have abused prescription painkillers, and it isn’t very difficult to understand why it happens. Many medical doctors around the country are quick to prescribe painkillers to patients who complain of aches and pains. In fact, studies show that doctors prescribed enough painkillers to medicate every American adult every four hours for an entire month!

Riverside Treatment Center: Convincing a Loved One to Seek Drug Rehab


Certain drugs are considered dangerous not only due to their addictive nature, but also due to the effects of their long-term use. Many illnesses and disorders are associated with drug abuse. Surely, you don’t want anyone in your family to experience any of these negative effects.

Signs of Drug Addiction

It’s easy to tell when a family member is using or is addicted to drugs. Observe his habits and behavior closely. If you notice that he’s been having a hard time sleeping or his eyes are unusually reddish and watery, that can be proof that he has been using drugs. Extreme hyperactivity and talkativeness – when in fact, he used to have opposite traits – can also be signs of drug abuse.

San Diego Drug Rehab Center’s Crucial Lessons about Substance Abuse


The National Institute on Drug Abuse estimated 23.9 million Americans aged 12 or older had used or abused illegal drugs and psychotherapeutic medication in 2012. Only 11.2 percent of this population received treatment or rehabilitation in a specialty facility. As such, drug addiction remains to be a big societal problem. It’s affecting the lives of many people, particularly teens, which comprise 27.2 percent of the current population of those addicted to drugs.

One factor that influences a person’s tendency to engage in the use of illicit drugs is misinformation about addiction. Due to the efforts of drug rehabilitation centers to inform people, misconceptions about drug addiction can be put to rest.