Three Common Addiction Myths

Due to the nature of addictions, there are quite a few popular myths regarding these diseases. Unfortunately, this misinformation could be keeping you from getting the professional treatment that you need from a drug rehab.

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Painkiller Addiction: What to Expect at a Drug Rehab Treatment Center

Prescription painkiller addiction and abuse in the United States has been steadily increasing over the years. The number of Americans who abuse prescription painkillers is estimated to be at around 5.2 million.
It can be a little difficult to determine if someone you love suffers from painkiller addiction. In the event you learn a loved one is struggling with painkiller addiction, it’s best to encourage them to seek professional help at a drug treatment center.
For those who need a drug treatment center in Riverside, there are two main types of programs available: inpatient and outpatient. In many cases, people seeking treatment are highly encouraged to sign up for inpatient treatment.

Conquer Addiction: Importance of Exercise During and After Drug Rehab

Doctors have known for decades now that exercise and physical and mental wellness go hand-in-hand. People who exercise regularly are at a lower risk of detrimental conditions like heart disease, depression, and insomnia. However, it has only been in the last decade or so that doctors have been recommending that exercise be a central part of a high-quality drug and alcohol addiction program. Addicts and alcoholics who exercise during and after rehab have a greater chance of recovering fully and also benefit from the increased physical activity during their time in rehabilitation.

Stop the Addiction: Drug Abuse Myths that Could Hinder Drug Rehab

Drug addiction continues to plague hundreds of residents not only in the San Diego area, but in many other parts of the country as well. Despite the fact that drug abuse is a widespread problem, some people still tend to overlook its seriousness, which prevents addicts or those close to them from getting the help they need. Here are five of the top myths about drug abuse that may hinder efforts to seek drug rehab. 

Myth #1: Drug abuse is only a problem that poor people experience. 
In the eyes of some people, drug abuse is a problem that mostly affects poor and homeless people. The reality is that people from all socioeconomic levels can become addicted to drugs. Whether you are a professional athlete or a local school teacher, drugs can destroy your life.