Three Common Addiction Myths

Due to the nature of addictions, there are quite a few popular myths regarding these diseases. Unfortunately, this misinformation could be keeping you from getting the professional treatment that you need from a drug rehab.

Anyone Who Has Withdrawal Symptoms Is Addicted
Within a short period of time, the human body will develop a tolerance to practically any chemical that is ingested. This includes everything from prescription painkillers to alcohol. When that individual stops using those substances, their body will naturally go into shock whether they feel the compulsion to have more or not.

Medication From My Doctor Can’t Be Addictive
It is an unfortunate fact that few patients know exactly what is in the prescription medication that they are taking daily. Certain forms of medication such as painkillers can actually have the same active ingredients as street drugs such as heroin. Not only is this medication easier to find in many areas, but it can also be just as addictive and dangerous.

I’m Strong-Willed so I Won’t Get Addicted
Addictions are rarely about one’s willpower or the strength of their character. An addiction takes place when physical changes begin to occur in one’s brain and body. No matter how strong you might be, it will not take much for powerful chemicals to take over every facet of your life. When that happens, it is time to seek out professional help.


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