Signs That You Are No Longer Just a Social Drinker

There is a big difference between enjoying a cold brew and getting intoxicated on a frequent basis. An addiction to alcohol can impact a person’s entire life. Here are three indications that you should seek an alcohol rehab program.

You Have Uncontrollable Cravings for Alcohol
If you can no longer resist the temptation to drink alcohol, you definitely need some intervention. While some alcoholics prefer beer, there are others who favor liquor and wine. At some point during the day, the thought of consuming alcohol will eventually creep into your mind.

Your Health Has Started to Decline
Like most other additive substances, alcohol can trigger a number of health ailments. Even short-term binge drinking can cause problems. Some of the most common issues include high blood pressure, fatigue, and memory loss. Meanwhile, long-term alcoholics are prone to experiencing cirrhosis of the liver and heart disease.

No Longer Can Find Happiness without Alcohol
Although alcohol is considered to be a relaxant, it is only meant to be consumed in small quantities. If an alcoholic fails to get their daily dose of alcohol, they will become very irritated and unsettled. There are literally dozens of individuals who suffer from an alcohol addiction.

Your Family and Friends Notice a Problem
It is hard for alcoholics to completely hide their addictive behavior. This is especially true for the individuals who don’t live alone.


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