The Benefits of Gender-Specific Rehab

In many cases, a man who enters rehab will go through treatment in a program with and tailored for men. A woman who enters rehab will go through a treatment program with and tailored for women. Why are genders kept separate while they attempt to get sober? One reason is that men and women have different reasons for using, different reactions to using and different experiences while in drug rehab.

Women may start to use because they came from dysfunctional family, and they may feel more shame while in rehab. Men tend to use harder drugs, and they may be prone to outbursts of anger or aggression while going through the rehabilitation process. Therefore, it may not be in the best interests of any recovering addict to go through a program with members of the other gender.

Another issue to consider is that women are less likely to ask for help than a man may be when she is dealing with drug addiction. It is still widely assumed that addiction is an issue that only men face or only a valid issue when it is a male who is addicted. By creating programs designed for women, female addicts may be more inclined to ask for and receive the help necessary to overcome the issue.

Regardless of whether you are male or female, you deserve to get help for your addiction. By finding a program designed to meet your needs, you can focus on getting better and making healthier choices in the future.


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