Some Drug Rehab Options in Orange County, FL

At a certain point in their lives, some people come to realize that their drug or alcohol addiction has become too much for them to handle, and wisely elect to seek help in dealing with their problem.

Residents of Orange County, Florida, and surrounding areas that are looking for drug rehab assistance are blessed with a wide variety of facilities in the area in which they may seek help, with options available that will best suit each person’s situation and circumstance.

Holistic Approach

Rehab facilities are no longer all mirror images of each other. Today, there are facilities that specifically focus on given methodologies to provide effective, quality care for their patients. Outside of physical rehabilitation, some focus on other elements of recovery, such as physiological, biological, behavioral, spiritual, and even holistic approaches. Some subscribe to 12-step programs, while others use alternative approaches.

Depending on the patient’s need, several terms of care are available. These include Outpatient, Intensive Outpatient Programs, Partial Hospitalization, Short Term Residential (less than 30 days), Long Term Residential (greater than 30 days), and Therapeutic Boarding School.

Wide Range of Options for Patients

Potential rehab patients should try to do the best research they can to determine what services would be most beneficial for their recovery. Most important may be determination of whether inpatient or outpatient care is needed. There are certain programs available at given facilities that offer an in/out approach: inpatient to provide medical stability, with partial hospitalization in some moderate cases, with intensive outpatient programs as a follow-up.


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