How Rehab Helps Curb Alcohol Cravings

Many people with alcohol addiction, at some point, have thought that they can stop whenever they want. Often, however, these individuals need some kind of intervention to break the habit. The most common kind of intervention is to undergo rehab, where one learns how to stay clean and curb cravings for alcohol. Here’s a look at how rehab works.

Detoxify the Body

To sober up, an alcoholic must first detoxify. There’s really no way around going through withdrawal because it is the only way to get clean. Patients who go into rehab could experience symptoms like depression, paranoia, and tremors. Fortunately, doctors and medical staff are on hand at the facility to look after every patient.

Identify Triggers

Many things can drive a person to alcoholism, including stress and money troubles. You have to identify what your triggers are to overcome addiction. Rehab includes therapies that help addicts realize why they turned to drinking in the first place. This way, they can develop realistic ways to cope with what they are dealing with other than the bottle.

Diet and Medication

Changes in diet and prescribed medication can also be added to the treatment. Alcohol cravings are often linked to sugar, so switching to a carb- and protein-rich diet may help overcome these cravings. Doctors can also prescribe medication to treat addiction and help alcoholics keep their cravings under control.


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