Breaking the Cycle of Heroin Addiction

If you were to ask any person of any age what they thought the most dangerous drug was, there’s a very good chance that they’d answer heroin. If so many people know how dangerous heroin is, then why does anyone start using it? Addiction is a progressive disease, and those who feel the need to get high will eventually grow tolerant of their substance of choice, until eventually, they may need a stronger drug to get the effect that they’re after.

The Progression of the Disease with Painkillers

Prescription painkillers are one of the most commonly abused medications in the world today. Doctors and pharmacies are constantly trying to find better ways to monitor people for potential substance abuse, so addicts find other ways to get their high. Heroin becomes a viable option then, as it is a more potent form of an opiate, and a lot cheaper.

Avoiding Withdrawal

The symptoms of withdrawal (anxiety, restlessness, nausea and fatigue) for an opiate addict can be extremely painful and uncomfortable. This is why the desire for the drug eventually becomes interpreted as a need.

Before long, the user will be more difficult to deal with, losing rational thought and having a skewed perception of reality. It will be difficult to help them out of it, but with a credible and effective rehabilitation program, it is possible to break heroin addiction.


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