Using Medications in Sobriety: Right or Wrong?

There are a lot of varied opinions about whether or not addicts should be able to use medications in sobriety. In recent years, prescription drug abuse has become the number one cause of fatal overdoses, and it’s even more than overdoses from cocaine and heroin combined. This leads many people to debate about whether or not medications should be able to help treat addiction, despite numerous studies that have shown the many benefits of prescription drug use.

Prescription Drugs as Substitute Addictions?

The debate largely is founded on the premise that these prescription drugs eventually become a substitute for the patient’s addictions—whether alcohol or illegal drug—which the patient had to go to rehab for in the first place. Then again, the ideal is that these medications be given under strict regulation measures. Methadone and Suboxone, for example, are commonly used to treat people who are recovering from an opiate addiction.

Both drugs are meant to curb withdrawal symptoms and cravings of the addict, and eventually, it is expected that these will significantly dissipate. Although some cite the danger of it being used as an alternative drug of choice, it’s worth mentioning that cities who have implemented free methadone clinics have seen drastic drops in overdose, crime, and violence rates.

What will further help the patient, more than these medications, would be the support of their families and doctors who would know how to help ease them of their dependency on dangerous substances.


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