Debunking Myths about Alcoholism Treatment

Alcoholism treatment is a concept that’s often heard of, and yet, it remains shrouded in many misconceptions. For the sake of those in need of such help, it’s time to put these myths in their place once and for all. That said, here are some of the most common fallacies about alcoholism rehabilitation, debunked.

People need to reach rock bottom first before seeking treatment

Back in the day, the lack of awareness about alcoholism have prompted people to seek treatment for their condition much later than recommended. This is when “hitting rock bottom” rang true: alcoholics typically lost everything before seeking treatment. Today, the increased awareness has made this idea passé.

Personal desire plays a huge part in making the treatment work

Today’s alcohol rehabilitation professionals are more adept at making patients align well with treatment, which explains why recovery rates these days stay constant between alcoholics who act on their own accord and those who do it at an external request.

Alcoholics need to be “babied” during treatment

Treatment is a good balance of compassion and harsh reality. Alcoholism is a condition that relies heavily on denial, which means that counsellors would often need to “break” a resilient patient and treat them as the adults they are.


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