Figuring Out a Painkiller Problem

If you experience nagging pains at some parts of your body, you may be forced to take a painkiller to douse the sensation. Finding out about the more potent products, however, could be a chance to get high, which might require the intervention of experts such as a drug rehab center. Some warning signs often lead to this:

Shifting Gears

When it comes to prescription medication, following the dosage set by your doctor is important to prevent overdose issues. If you’ve been adjusting your own dosage, you should be concerned about the role painkillers are starting to play in your life. This doesn’t just cover taking more pills in one go. Other “adjustments” people addicted to painkillers might do is to take smaller dosages so they can take the drug more frequently.

Same Prescription, Different Pharmacies

It’s only natural that you do not want anyone to think you may be abusing painkillers. One of the easiest ways to do so would be to visit different pharmacies to get your hands on more pills. After all, your regular pharmacist would notice that you’ve been running out of pills faster than you should.

This can also apply to doctors as well. You should be concerned if you have been visiting multiple doctors to acquire the same prescription. This is especially true if you have intentionally been seeking our doctors who have a “quick trigger” when it comes to prescribing painkillers.


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