Recovering from Addiction: The Gender Issue

Recovering from addiction is different with every person. Some go through the process without much trouble, while some struggle finding the willpower to even last the first session. There’s plenty of debate surrounding the addiction recovery process, with some people speculating that it differs significantly according to gender. Below are some of the generalizations gathered from studies done on the subject.

Addiction for men

Studies say that men are more adaptable to using drugs and alcohol than women mainly because male physique allows for the consumption of more substances. With regard to rehabilitation and recovery, it’s easier for men to get help than women. On an interesting note, men in general didn’t mind the costs of getting treatment as long as recovery is achieved.

Addiction for women

The road to addiction is generally much faster for women. Then again, women are more adept at hiding their addictions, perhaps because of the fact that they have more responsibilities at home. Likewise, it’s harder for women to get the treatment they need primarily because of two reasons: the social stigma that comes with being a woman with addiction, and the need to tend to their household responsibilities, most especially caring for their children.

Regardless of whether you’re a man or a woman, addiction negatively impacts your life. The key is to want to change, and coming to terms with your need for help, to take that first step to recovery.


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