Types of Treatment Programs for Drug Abuse

Coming off of drugs is an incredibly unpleasant and brutal experience. Detoxification, or the process of flushing out addicting drugs from a person’s system, can only be successful when done under the medical assistance of an intensive treatment program. Since every individual has different needs, there is no one treatment that could be deemed appropriate for everyone.

Outpatient Programs

Outpatient treatment programs are less expensive than residential treatment, however the services they offer are often less intensive or as effective. Outpatient programs are more suitable for those who have jobs or those who couldn’t commit a lengthy period of time for rehabilitation. Programs usually involve educating people about drug abuse, individual or group counseling, and cognitive-behavioral therapy.

Residential Treatment

 Drug addicts with severe cases will find more success in applying for residential treatment. Residential treatment centers offer well-structured programs that lasts for about 6 to 12 months. Drug rehabilitation centers provide round-the-clock care from qualified treatment staff who are trained to supervise the patient’s treatment medication, individual or group counseling and behavioral therapy.

 Keeping drug addicts clean is not the sole end-goal for residential treatment programs. Altering the patient’s behavior and perspective in life also helps them stay off illegal substances. Some drug rehabilitation centers offer holistic treatment which may involve alternative therapy programs such as nutritional therapy, massage and meditation.


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