Stopping Meperidine Dependence

A 1996 strip of a popular satirical comic series featured a character who just underwent an operation but is weary of injections during the recovery period. When he learns that one shot the nurse gave him was Demerol, a brand of meperidine (narcotic pain reliever), he suddenly takes a liking to it and asks for another injection. In a way, the scene illustrates the dangerous potency of meperidine or any type of opioids as an addictive substance – one that a drug rehab center in Orange County, CA is well-prepared to treat.

Be Honest

Being treated for meperidine abuse requires being honest to yourself and to your rehab counselor about the level of addiction you are in. This would help the center create a more structured approach to your treatment plan. Daily abuse of prescription drugs may need a longer duration of the program, including staying at the rehab center for a prescribed number of days. Consider the possibility that if you heavily abused meperidine, you’ll need additional medical care when the detox process is complete.

Be Humble

Your family may have been seriously affected by your bout with drug addiction. In many cases, this is compounded by the fact that the prescription drugs are accessible in considerable amounts in your home’s medicine cabinet—and you could easily have a relapse with these products around. If you need your family’s help to stay away from these medicines, be humble and enlist their assistance.


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